Usage Guide

Your guide on how to use and make the most out of RTLCSS

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npm install -g rtlcss

§Basic usage

var rtlcss = require('rtlcss');
var result = rtlcss.process("body { direction:ltr; }");
//result == body { direction:rtl; }

§Advanced usage

// directly processes css and return a string containing the processed css
output = rtlcss.process(css [, options , plugins, hooks]);
output // processed CSS

// you can also group all configuration settings into a single object
result = rtlcss.configure(config).process(css, postcssOptions);
result.css // Processed CSS // Source map

Built on top of PostCSS, an awesome framework, providing you with the power of manipulating CSS via a JS API.

It can be combined with other processors, such as autoprefixer:

var result = postcss().use(rtlcss([options , plugins, hooks]))


Convert LTR CSS files to RTL using the command line. For usage and available options see Command Line Usage.

$ rtlcss input.css output.rtl.css